Timothy's Sugar Bush Maple K-Cup Box/24

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Medium, flavoured.

Sugar Bush Maple captures the moment when daylight lingers a little longer in the forest; when the snow slowly begins to melt off of the tree branches; when the sap starts to run, kettles boil and liquid amber maple syrup is born. It’s the moment that Spring arrives in the sugar bush.

Compatible with KEURIG K3000SE, KEURIG K1500, KEURIG K2500, KEURIG K3500, KEURIG K150-P, KEURIG K150 and KEURIG B155 brewers.

The K-Cycle is an inexpensive and incredibly simple way to make sure your K-Cups aren’t joining the landfill – without having to dismantle them yourself. Just pop your K-Cup into the box after use, and when the box is full, ship it with the pre-paid shipping label included on the box. BROWSE

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